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Implants for Super Snap-In Dentures:

The Doctors at Right Time Dental have a combined 24 years of experience which has allowed them to understand the surgical and prosthetic aspects of assisting patients to go from natural dentition (teeth that have been compromised due to decay, periodontal disease, breakage, or other ailments) to an alternative implant retained prosthesis to replace their natural teeth and allowing you to function and smile normally again.

If you have a loose denture or “Rocking  Denture” attached to only 2 implants this option is Superior to a conventional or snap in option because we use 4 implants. You can also cut out the palate of your existing denture to regain taste buds that hide under the denture allowing you to enjoy tasting your food once again.

The Super Snap-In Denture is FAR SUPERIOR to the standard snap in denture because it increases all of the benefits:

  • Uses 4 standard size implants for more stability
  • Gives much more support and retention
  • Stabilizes the jaw bone more by using more implants 
  • Improves chewing function 
  • It alleviates almost all rocking issues that can happen with 2 implants
  • Very  aesthetic

Like it says in its name it is a snap-in denture this means the denture is not permanently attached to the implants. The denture must be removed each day to clean it and to clean you gum tissue.

For someone who is already missing their teeth the whole process takes 3-4 months before the denture is snapped onto the implants. You will be able to wear your denture without bothering the implants while the bone is healing around them. This way you maintain your teeth and smile throughout the process.

For those people who need their teeth extracted to receive implants and a denture the process takes 6 months. You will be able to continue to wear the denture during the healing phases.

When an office advertises "Same Day Teeth" what they mean is you go home with just your  "temporary teeth" which is an Immediate Denture.

Placing implants too early can cause implant failure. At Right Time Dental we take the necessary time to extract, allow to heal, place implants, allow to heal, then attach the "Final Teeth".

So the long story is that the "Same Day Teeth" still take the same amount of time (6-8 months) because the "Final Teeth" aren't attached until later on.

This option includes 4 standard implants and all necessary parts but does not include the denture.

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