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Implants for Standard Snap-In Dentures:

Doctors Curtis and Staples combined are assisting over 1400 patients per year restore their smiles and chewing function.

They have streamlined many of the processes and are able to pass on huge savings to you. This option is Extremely Affordable. When you compare the cost of our services with other offices you will see a Huge Savings.

If your dentures are loose or you are needing to get dentures this is a great solution.

This option uses 2 standard size implants to support and retain the denture. It a very affordable way to stabilize your dentures and allows you to gain more function than with a conventional denture. 

There are some benefits of having a Standard Snap-In Denture:

  • Implants help stabilize the jaw bone from shrinking
  • The denture won't "flop out" when eating or talking
  • Increases ability to chew better
  • Allows the upper denture to be made smaller increasing taste compared to a conventional denture
  • Keeps the tongue from pushing the lower denture out

The whole process takes 3-4 months before the denture is snapped onto the implants and you will ever go without teeth!

You will be able to wear your denture without bothering the implants while the bone is healing around them.

This option includes 2 standard size implants and does not include the denture.

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Snap-In Denture/Implant Retained Denture

Snap-In Denture/Implant Retained Denture