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Fixed Zirconia Bridge/All-On-6:

This is the best option for replacing all your teeth in an entire arch with a permanent solution. The bridge is screwed onto 6 implants making it very strong and stable. Because the material used is stronger the bridge can be made slightly smaller in size than the Hybrid Denture .

It however will still slightly overlap the ridge to help keep its strength and cosmetic appearance. Because of how it attaches it can only be removed  in a dental office.

For this option you must have proper and adequate bone reduction, also tissue preparation to accommodate the space needed for implant materials. This surgical procedure must be planned in advance to allow for healing and the final placement of the prosthesis.

Benefits of All-On-6:

  • It is screwed onto the implants and does not move
  • It gives even more chewing function than a hybrid denture due to its strength
  • It is the strongest material to use for this type of prosthesis
  • It is very aesthetic
  • It is less likely to chip or break like a Hybrid Denture

This option is very similar to the Hybrid Denture process and has some variables depending on your individual case. We will simplify it as best we can.

People who are already missing their teeth have the easiest process to go through. We take impressions and make a denture guide for the implants to help guide the placement of the implants. This takes a couple of weeks to make, then we place the implants and can usually attach the denture to the implants and it is able to be used as a provisional prosthesis.

Naturally your specific needs and case will be discussed openly with you throughout the entire process so you understand what's going on and what to expect next.

The rule of thumb for provisionals is Spoon, Fork, Knife. Food to be eaten with the prosthesis for the first month should be food you can eat with a spoon. The second month with a fork then the third month foods that can be cut with a knife.

Not all people can have this provisional attached at time of surgery based on different scenarios of bone structure, bone angle, and bone strength. The final prosthesis will be made after 3-4 months of healing.

For people who need their teeth extracted and need a prosthesis, we will take an impression for your healing denture which will also act as an implant guide. After the surgery when possible the denture will be attached to the implants and be used as a provisional as described above.

These patients have a slightly smaller chance of having their dentures attached depending on the surgery and bone structure. The entire process from start to finish can take between 4-8 months for the final prosthesis to be attached depending on each situation. 

This is something that will be determined before or at the time of surgery.

This option includes the surgical placement of the implants, the Zirconia Bridge, the extractions and bone grafting most procedures need.

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