Say, Hello Dr. Shawn Beals!

Dr. Shawn Beals

Shawn Beals is an Arizona native. He was born in Safford, Arizona and graduated

from Safford High. He worked in construction until he met his beautiful wife who

was a dental assistant.

Her passion for her work carried over to him until he eventually decided to go back to school to study dentistry. She continued working in order to support him through his schooling.

They have been married for 11 years and had 4 amazing children during the time he was obtaining his education. Dr. Beals received a bachelor’s degree in biology from Arizona State University. As for dental school, Dr. Beals received his training from Midwestern University in

Glendale, Arizona.

After dental school, he worked in El Paso, Texas where he was able to expand his knowledge by getting exposure to pediatric dentistry.

The opportunity presented to move back to Arizona and build on his knowledge of implant dentistry, so they moved their family back to their home state.

Since moving back, Dr. Beals and his wife have been to trainings to find ways to incorporate facial esthetic treatments into dentistry such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Other than his family, Dr. Beals’ main focus and passion is dentistry and he strives to expand his knowledge in as many areas of the dental field as he can.