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Full Zirconia Crowns:

Getting your chipped, cracked, broken or discolored teeth covered with a crown is amazing! It's such a game changer to regain your confidence.

Being able to smile more and chew your food properly again can make a difference in your mood and in your health. Most people don't realize that the overall health of your body can be affected by the condition of your teeth.

The improper chewing of food can cause many health problems especially gastrointestinal problems. With proper chewing your digestion is improved which can lead to improvement of your overall systemic health.

This is something that we know as Doctors so it's exciting to hear from patients that return to share how much has improved in how they feel emotionally and phyiscally. Many times this can alleviate TMJ problems that come from their jaws closing too far because of teeth that have been worn down as seen in the photos below. 

We can do single tooth crowns for a cracked tooth or a tooth that has too much decay or we can do all the teeth depending on what you need.

People who take medications can get dry mouth. Dry mouth speeds up tooth decay very quickly. The saliva dilutes bacteria and acids which cause tooth decay. So people who have crowns and dry mouth are very susceptible to decay at the gum line below the crown.

Some things to remember are that even though the teeth are covered with Zirconia the tooth structure at the base  of the crown next to the gum line can still decay. It is very important to brush your teeth regularly especially around the gum line.

Dr. Curtis shares with all of his patients that brushing around your gum line is the best insurance to protect what you've invested in your smile.

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All teeth have been covered with zirconia crowns both upper and lower arches

All teeth have been covered with zirconia crowns both upper and lower arches